Thank you to all our friends and family who came to our debut! We were so happy to see you all. After the months of planning, trips to L.A., and loads of boxes, it was great to finally show you what we’ve been working on. It was also really nice to meet all the new people who saw our products and our business for the first time.

Brett and Jean-Michel behind their table of French wares

I Dream of France makes a sale

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Compagnie de Provence Olive-Lavender Soap

Hands down, the Olive-Lavender line from Compagnie de Provence was the big winner of the day. Liquid soap, bar soap, hand cream — everybody wanted it. We had a jar of free sample soaps, and a few people  picked through the samples to take this soap over the others.

The infant and toddler girls’ outfits from Berlingot and Alphabet drew many sighs. You can see them hanging in the second photo above. (The woman on the left is checking out the embroidery on a skirt.)

The Quimper faïence pendants from HB Henriot got a lot of attention. Our very first sale included a pendant design that was so new, it’s not even on the French company’s website yet. People liked the unique designs that are also easy to wear.

Almost everyone flipped through our basket of Vent du Sud teflon-coated tablecloths. At one point, when I was away from our table for a few minutes, I even overheard one woman telling another to go look at our tablecloths. Wow! I think a teflon-coated tablecloth is a great boon, and am glad other people think so too.

We also sold multiple boxes of Apiana Honey soap.

All in all, we had a great afternoon. Can’t wait for the next show!