has been doing quite well this year and we are now working on phase two of our business. We are looking for a location to open an old-fashioned brick-and-mortar boutique. After looking at different areas in Orange County, California, we have settled on Old Town Tustin. Tustin is where we do most of our shopping, where our children go to school, and we really feel part of the community.

Old Town Tustin was a little sleepy in the past, but things have really changed over the last few years. The small downtown centered on Main Street and El Camino Real is being revitalized by projects such as Prospect Village, a new library, mini-parks, and street fairs. We found an interesting video called “State of the City 2008” featuring the Mayor of Tustin and his dog, talking about the various improvements.

We have  selected a few potential locations for our store and we are now in the process of making our final decision. It looks like we should be able to open shop sometime this fall. As always, we will keep you posted and show the progress as we set up the store. Stay tuned!