Sud and Co Corsica

Sud and Co Corsica

Here is a new episode in the “Sud and Co” saga! For those who do not follow the brand, the pottery from the small Provençal town of Cassis and recently sold in the USA under the name “Sud and Co” suddenly became unavailable last year, then again available early this year. Well, only three months after bringing the good news, here we are, announcing that, unfortunately, the beautiful pottery is again unavailable.

Accurate information is hard to obtain, but this is what we understand. A group of artists in Cassis have been making  pottery for some time independently. They are selling their products mostly locally. At several occasions, somebody started representing the products outside Provence under a single name, i.e., Sud and Co.

Lately, they have been part of a local “craft village” which, due to low sales, is closing. Even though the pottery part of the craft village was very successful, they cannot keep doing business under the current arrangement and have to stop selling. It looks like some of the artists want to open a traditional standalone business under which they can sell their craft.

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