What is it with France and the rooster? So many French products have roosters on them that one of our customers once asked jokingly, “Do you carry anything that doesn’t have roosters or chickens on it?”

The Rooster is undeniably the national emblem of France. From coins to stamps to monuments, the Coq, as it is called in French, appears everywhere.

I Dream of France Bastille Day Rooster Special

I Dream of France Bastille Day Rooster Special

The origin of the rooster in French culture comes from the Roman empire. At that time France was called “Gaule” and its inhabitant the “Gallus”. The Latin word for rooster is also “gallus” and naturally the Romans were referring to the French as roosters!

In the middle ages, the rooster was used in France as a religious symbol representing faith and hope.  Many churches in France use a rooster on the roof as a weathervane, called a “girouette”.

During the French revolution, the rooster found its status as the national emblem, replacing the Fleur de Lys that had been the symbol of the Bourbon royal dynasty. During the two World Wars, the rooster was used to stand up to the German Eagle.

Today, the rooster still proudly assumes its role as the symbol of French sovereignty. It is on the official seal of the French Republic, and is used by many businesses, local governments and even private homes to show patriotism. French sports teams, including the national soccer team, use the rooster as their logo.

The crow of the rooster in French is “Cocorico,”and saying Cocorico! in conversation has the same meaning as “Vive la France!”

The rooster has been used for many years on many French country products as decoration with a hint of patriotism on fabrics and ceramics and even carved on furniture.

Rooster Toile Placemat by Karen Lee Ballard from I Dream of France

Rooster Toile Placemat by Karen Lee Ballard from I Dream of France

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–Brett & Jean-Michel