We sell items made in France, offering tableware and table linens; French gourmet foods; home decor and accessories; soaps, lotions, and perfumes; scented candles and perforated taper candles; and children’s clothes and dishes. Our wares will help you achieve a French Country, Paris Apartment, Shabby Chic, or Vintage Flea Market look for your home. We specialize in tablecloths!

If you are in Orange County, California, visit our brick-and-mortar boutique in Tustin! We also sell online 24/7.

I Dream of France
2600 Walnut Ave #A
Tustin, CA 92780
(714) 730-2182 or (888) 96-FRANCE
email: bonjour@idreamoffrance.com

Ashley & Jean-Michel Carlouet

One Response to “About”

  1. schwartzman Says:

    hi frenchy….
    will you be able to guess who I am? 3 indices to help you….
    1/ der california kids….
    2/ your first bug was red, and a big crow hitted your front hood when the bug was just painted “salmon”……
    3/ We were together when you first drove your bug with a brand new german 009 distributor….

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