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See us in the October issue of Sunset Magazine!

Sunset Magazine October 2011

Sunset Magazine October 2011

In their own words: Your guide to the West’s best outdoor adventures, tasty food and at-home style.

Check out the October 2011 issue (Southern California edition) and turn to page 21 for an article on Old Town Tustin, home of I Dream of France.

The author, Laure Joliet, has selected a few local businesses, including I Dream of France, to show what a great shopping and dining destination Old Town Tustin is. There are photographs of local sights and a walking map too. Here is the photo of our shop:

I Dream of France in Sunset Magazine

I Dream of France in Sunset Magazine

Sunset Loves Us!

Sunset Loves Us!

We love Sunset!

See us in the October issue of Sunset Magazine!

Beauty and Tradition from Quimper

Since 1690, the small northern town of Quimper, in Brittany, has been refining a unique style of pottery. In over 300 years not much has changed in the small manufacture. Computers have been restricted to the offices, stencils have never been used to create the decorations, and everything is still made in-house. What you do find in the manufacturing part of the company — H.B. Henriot — is a group of dedicated artists, working with a brush and a steady hand on each individual piece of pottery or faïence.


Here are a few of Quimper’s lines:

Fleuri Royal:

This pattern, created in the 60’s, symbolizes Quimper’s brush stroke and demonstrates the HB-Henriot Faiencerie’s expertise. It uses different techniques which have been established for generations by HB-Henriot’s painters: the “sponging” and of course, the famous “à la touche” used to paint flowers.

This pattern has a unique personality: each piece is slightly different since the artist decorates and paints it according to his or her inspiration. The only required similarity between pieces is the floral garland on the outer edge.

Quimper Faience Fleuri Royal

Quimper Faience Fleuri Royal


With the Tradition pattern, all of the company’s know-how is expressed in this “French touch” decoration: a character, the “little Breton”, who changes color depending on the artist’s inspiration with flower garlands and the Henriot yellow border.

Quimper Faience Tradition

Quimper Faience Tradition


Escale is a modern collection from Quimper Faience celebrating seaside living. Three sailboats are painted in very French tones of yellow and blue, with a golden yellow and blue painted border.

Quimper Faience Escale

Quimper Faience Escale

Mistral Blue:

In the Mistral Blue collection, the small Breton moves to new colors but remains true to the tradition of the first characters, created by the Henriot faiencerie in the 19th century.

Quimper Faience Mistral Blue

Quimper Faience Mistral Blue

* Sale restricted to products currently in stock while supplies last. No special orders, exchanges, or returns. Discount ends on September , 2011.

We are not the only retailer in the USA specialized in French decor (we are just the only one you need to remember…) Some are small, some are big, we all have our specialty, but the big name in the game has always been Pierre Deux. The first national retailer specialized in French Country decor, Pierre Deux had a name and reputation that came to represent the whole industry. If I had a Franc for every time a customer compared us to Pierre Deux!

Pierre Deux

Well this summer, Pierre Deux quietly went away, victim to the brutal recession. Pierre Deux started as an individual store in 1967 in New York City. The two owners (both named Pierre) imported and sold French furniture. They added some decor accessories to their furniture line and soon realized that the accessories were selling better. Pierre Deux continued growing and ended with two dozen stores throughout the USA.

I never thought I would say this, being our competitor, but we’ll miss them.


Happy Memorial Day!

We’ve been unpacking new shipments all month, and are putting new items online every day! Visitez I Dream of France online or in our Tustin (Orange County), California, boutique and see what’s new.

We have new lower shipping rates. As always, orders of $75 or more ship free! No coupon code required for the shipping special. (Alaska and Hawaii pay $10 extra.) Also, we now ship to Canada!

Below are some examples of what’s new…more info on our website!

New French Kitchenware

Provence Handpainted Ceramic Stackable Pots. As a decorative piece, this is a showstopper — and it’s practical storage as well. We’ve been using these pots to style dining rooms for local home tours, and everyone’s eyes go straight to them.

Provence Handpainted Ceramic Stackable Pots with Olives Decor

Provencal Scenery Art Tile Trivet. Another stunning piece for kitchen or dining room, our art tile trivet makes a splendid gift (if you can bear to part with it!).

Provencal Scenery Art Tile Trivet - Terrace View

Couleur Nature Olive Tree Towel. We have added several new kitchen towel designs from Couleur Nature, all block-printed by hand and Provençal in style.

Couleur Nature Olive Tree Yellow Towel

New French Table Linens

Provencale Sunflower Green Cotton Tablecloth. Available in round or rectangular sizes.The printing on both the round and rectangular is what is referred to as “placé”, or centered in the middle of the cloth.

Provencale Sunflower Green Cotton Tablecloth

New French Decorative Hardware

Paris Antique Style Dressing Room Hook. Perfect grace note to add to your powder room.

Paris Antique Style Dressing Room Hook

New French Baby Accessories

The latest fashion accessory for babies: pewter pacifier keepers featuring a French fleur de lys! We also have rose and giraffe motifs available. These are made in the USA by a company in New Orleans. Too cute to pass up!

Baby Pacifier Holder with Fleur de Lys

New Sale Items

Summer is around the corner. Do you know a little girl who could use a new dress? Here’s a good buy: Alphabet Safari Girl’s Sun Dress, 33% off.

Alphabet Safari Girl's Sun Dress

I Dream of France

Every order until Christmas will be shipped Priority mail!

Now through Christmas day, take advantage of our shipping special and get free Priority Mail service upgrade!. Pay just $5 and your order will be shipped within 24 hours via Priority Mail. As always, orders of $75 or more ship free! No coupon code required. (Alaska and Hawaii pay $10 extra.). We also have the option of Expedited Service, which will be shipped via Fedex Express Saver. Need overnight service? Give us a call at 1-888-96-FRANCE (1-888-963-7262) from 10AM to 6PM Pacific time.

Gifts for Foodies

Check out our selection of Provençal cooking aprons and kitchen towels. Our aprons are made of cotton coated with acrylic to make them stain resistant. Just wipe clean, perfect for a busy cook!

Provence Coated Apron

Beauville Kitchen Towel

Gifts for Hostesses

The Honey Soap 2-bar gift box is one of our top-selling gifts! These boxes have it all: a honeycomb pattern, a bee motif, and a calligraphic story of honey in faded letters on the box itself (the whole story's inside). Packaged in lovely decorative boxes tied with raffia, containing two bars of 3.5 ounce soap.

Apiana Honey Soap 2-bar Gift Box

Fleur de Lys bottle opener: From the French Bourbon Dynasty, the Fleur de Lys is the true mark of royalty. Now available as a bottle opener! This is an easy gift because everyone can use a bottle opener.

Fleur de Lys Bottle Opener

Gifts for Messieurs (Men)

Sommelier apron: For the French cook, wine lover or barbecue enthusiast, this sommelier apron will inspire any man to cook (or keep you company with a glass of wine)!

Sommelier Apron

Jean-Marie Farina Cologne: One of the oldest fragrance products in France, its unisex scent has been worn by men and women alike for over 200 years.

Roger & Gallet Jean-Marie Farina Perfume

Gifts for Nesters

Get cozy with a French flair! How about an all natural bath or shower gel, or an artful block-printed table runner? Table runners are a great gift because the size works for everyone. Lay it lengthwise or crosswise on a table, dresser, buffet, or secretary desk. How easy is that!

Lavender Shower or Bath Gel

Couleur Nature Table Runner


This morning I went shopping at Forever 21 in Anaheim, CA, which is two full stories and rumored to be their largest store in Southern California. (Apparently San Francisco has a tri-level!)  I was charmed by the many t-shirts they offered with French text and French-inpired graphics, like this:

Forever 21 Oui T-shirt

Forever 21 Oui T-shirt

Many of the shirts had Eiffel towers and proclaimed love for Paris. A few had racier slogans, such as “Qui est-ce qui t’excite?”

Just goes to show that France is IN, and Francophiles are everywhere!


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