People often ask us, “Do you actually use the things you sell at I Dream of France in your own home?” The answer is OUI! Here are all the things we use at home regularly:

Sunflower Yellow French Coated Tablecloth, from I Dream of France

Sunflower Yellow French Coated Tablecloth, from I Dream of France

On our breakfast table, we use a round coated Sunflower French Country tablecloth in the Yellow colorway. We painted our chairs yellow, green, blue, and red to make an even more colorful statement. (OK, not all the chairs have been painted yet, but that’s another story.)

Sunflowers on Black Accent Rug from I Dream of France

Sunflowers on Black Accent Rug from I Dream of France

We have more kitchen sunflowers in the form of this looped-pile accent rug in front of the sink.

Beauville Ocean Blue Tea Towel from I Dream of France

Beauville Ocean Blue Tea Towel from I Dream of France

Garnier-Thiebaut Aubergines (Eggplants) Tea Towel from I Dream of France

Garnier-Thiebaut Aubergines (Eggplants) Tea Towel from I Dream of France from I Dream of France

A busy kitchen needs many towels! We have several from Beauvillé and Garnier-Thiebaut.

Fleur de Lys Metal Double Hook 7" - White - from I Dream of France

Fleur de Lys Metal Double Hook 7″ – White – from I Dream of France

In our dressing area, a pair of Fleur de Lys double hooks (one on each side of a wall mirror) as valet hooks make the morning rush much easier! No more balancing hangers on the door mouldings.

Quimper Faience Jardin D'ete Christmas Ornament

When we were married, we received many pieces of HB Henriot Quimper Faience in the Jardin d’Ete pattern, including a Christmas ornament.

This is just part one…we will update with more next time!


I Dream of France

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Gifts for Foodies

Check out our selection of Provençal cooking aprons and kitchen towels. Our aprons are made of cotton coated with acrylic to make them stain resistant. Just wipe clean, perfect for a busy cook!

Provence Coated Apron

Beauville Kitchen Towel

Gifts for Hostesses

The Honey Soap 2-bar gift box is one of our top-selling gifts! These boxes have it all: a honeycomb pattern, a bee motif, and a calligraphic story of honey in faded letters on the box itself (the whole story's inside). Packaged in lovely decorative boxes tied with raffia, containing two bars of 3.5 ounce soap.

Apiana Honey Soap 2-bar Gift Box

Fleur de Lys bottle opener: From the French Bourbon Dynasty, the Fleur de Lys is the true mark of royalty. Now available as a bottle opener! This is an easy gift because everyone can use a bottle opener.

Fleur de Lys Bottle Opener

Gifts for Messieurs (Men)

Sommelier apron: For the French cook, wine lover or barbecue enthusiast, this sommelier apron will inspire any man to cook (or keep you company with a glass of wine)!

Sommelier Apron

Jean-Marie Farina Cologne: One of the oldest fragrance products in France, its unisex scent has been worn by men and women alike for over 200 years.

Roger & Gallet Jean-Marie Farina Perfume

Gifts for Nesters

Get cozy with a French flair! How about an all natural bath or shower gel, or an artful block-printed table runner? Table runners are a great gift because the size works for everyone. Lay it lengthwise or crosswise on a table, dresser, buffet, or secretary desk. How easy is that!

Lavender Shower or Bath Gel

Couleur Nature Table Runner


This is a reprint of Today’s Pick on

The glassmaking company of La Rochère, in France’s Franche-Comté, traces its history back to 1475, when “gentleman glass-maker” Simon de Thysac founded a glassworks that supplied the needs of locals in this rural area located between Champagne and Alsace. Despite repeated destruction, once by a fire that destroyed the entire village and later by the Thirty Years’ War, the rebuilt glassworks grew and flourished, and was acquired in 1858 by François-Xavier Fouillot and two associates. Fouillot’s descendants still run the company today, and their products include a wide range of elegant glassware, stemware, vases and bowls. Now four of their classic designs are available through the California-based company I Dream of France, which is offering 10% off La Rochère glassware through November, exclusively for France Today readers.

La Rochère: Arts de la Table
La Rochere Dragonfly Tall Glass 

Designs included in the special offer are the La Rochère Fleur de Lys, Bee (a Napoleonic symbol), Dragonfly and Anduze (whose shape is inspired by the graceful terracotta urns made in the French town of that name). Products include glasses, bowls, pitchers, decanters and carafes, and regular prices range from $8.49 to $26.99. To take advantage of this special offer, visit the I Dream of France website and use the code FRANCETODAY at checkout. The offer is good until November 30, 2010.

For more information on La Rochère, visit their website.

What is it with France and the rooster? So many French products have roosters on them that one of our customers once asked jokingly, “Do you carry anything that doesn’t have roosters or chickens on it?”

The Rooster is undeniably the national emblem of France. From coins to stamps to monuments, the Coq, as it is called in French, appears everywhere.

I Dream of France Bastille Day Rooster Special

I Dream of France Bastille Day Rooster Special

The origin of the rooster in French culture comes from the Roman empire. At that time France was called “Gaule” and its inhabitant the “Gallus”. The Latin word for rooster is also “gallus” and naturally the Romans were referring to the French as roosters!

In the middle ages, the rooster was used in France as a religious symbol representing faith and hope.  Many churches in France use a rooster on the roof as a weathervane, called a “girouette”.

During the French revolution, the rooster found its status as the national emblem, replacing the Fleur de Lys that had been the symbol of the Bourbon royal dynasty. During the two World Wars, the rooster was used to stand up to the German Eagle.

Today, the rooster still proudly assumes its role as the symbol of French sovereignty. It is on the official seal of the French Republic, and is used by many businesses, local governments and even private homes to show patriotism. French sports teams, including the national soccer team, use the rooster as their logo.

The crow of the rooster in French is “Cocorico,”and saying Cocorico! in conversation has the same meaning as “Vive la France!”

The rooster has been used for many years on many French country products as decoration with a hint of patriotism on fabrics and ceramics and even carved on furniture.

Rooster Toile Placemat by Karen Lee Ballard from I Dream of France

Rooster Toile Placemat by Karen Lee Ballard from I Dream of France

For the month of July and in celebration of Bastille Day, the French National Holiday (July 14th), all products featuring roosters (and chickens) will be 10% off. Enter coupon code COCORICO. (Go to our website and browse our Rooster Special section). In Southern California? Stop by our store and find even more products. Cocorico!

–Brett & Jean-Michel

New French Products Winter 2009

New French Products Winter 2009

I Dream of France has added lots of new products to its selection of French goodies for kitchen, table, and bath. Take a look at our Beauvillé tea towels, beautifully screen printed on cotton and linen fabric. Each one is a work of art. We now carry Laguiole knives. We have two sets of steak knives in beautiful cases, one with rosewood handles, the other with silver plated aluminum handles. In our glass selection we have added La Rochere, famous with their three-dimensional bees or Fleur de Lys. To name just one more, take a look at our line of Roger & Gallet perfumes and soaps, including the original Jean-Marie Farina.

So be sure to visit us online or stop by our store and see for yourself!

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