Spring Celebration Tablecloths

Planning a Passover seder, Easter dinner, or Mother’s Day brunch? Check out our tablecloths to help you set a beautiful table. Click any of the pictures below to view more information on I Dream of France.

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Versailles Blue Cotton Coated Provence Tablecloths by Le Cluny

From Le Cluny French Country Collection, the Versailles coated tablecloth is fit for royalty! It features a blue indiennes or jacobean pattern on a white background. It is 100% cotton coated with acrylic to make it stain resistant and long lasting. Spills will not go through, protecting your table. Cleanup is as easy as wiping it with a sponge. UV resistant, they will not fade and are perfect inside or outside.Available in many different sizes, with matching napkins, placemats, chair pads, and bread baskets.

Versailles Blue Cotton Coated Provence Tablecloths by Le Cluny


Fayence Cream Cotton Coated Provence Tablecloths by Le Cluny

These Fayence Yellow French Provencal tablecloths and placemats are coated with a thin layer of acrylic to make them stain resistant or wipe-off and reduce the need for washing.  They can still be machine washed and line dried. The coating will not wear off with occasional washing. They are UV resistant and very durable. They are available in various round, rectangular and square sizes. Matching cotton napkins and bread baskets are not coated.                            Fayence Cream Cotton Coated Provence Tablecloths by Le Cluny

Bougainvillea Yellow & Blue Tablecloth by Couleur Nature

This vintage-inspired design features a botanical pattern with bougainvillea flower and leaf motifs. Colors include blue and golden yellow, which exude life onto the table, adding a Provençal feel no matter what type of food is gracing your table.Bougainvillea Yellow & Blue Tablecloth by Couleur Nature

Bunny Towels

A great choice for your kitchen, or for a hostess gift. These are all made by Coucke, imported from France and made in Portugal.

                          Coucke Les Lapins French Dish Towel - Big Design                   Coucke Les Lapins French Dish Towel - Striped DesignCoucke Terry Square Towel - La Ferme

All tablecloths are not created equal. One of the things that make the traditional Provencal round tablecloth so desirable is the “placé” design. Placé is a French word that means “placed”. Basically, on a placé tablecloth, the design is “placed” on the shape of the tablecloth instead of the tablecloth being cut from a length of regular printed fabric. What does all this mean? Well, just take a look at our example below showing two Lisa Blue tablecloths and you will get the idea immediately.  One of the problems in having a linear pattern fabric for a round tablecloth is how the lines appear distorted around the sides of the table. The beauty of the round placé, on the other hand, is that the design will adapt to any size table.

Placé vs Linear patterns

Placé vs Linear patterns

Placé is not only used for round tablecloths but it is definitely its biggest application. The difficulty with a rectangular placé is that if  the proportions between the length and the width of the table are not exactly right, the placé design will not look right.

Rectangular placés don't always fit right

Rectangular placés don't always fit right

Most of our printed tablecloths come in placé in the 68″ or 70″ round sizes. The small (60″) and the oversize (90″) rounds — usually available through special order — are linear designs (not placé).

Another term used along with placé is “cadré” (framed in English). A cadré design is similar to a placé as it follows the contour of the tablecloth, but instead of a design that reaches the center of the tablecloth, it only has a frame pattern around the circumference. The center of the tablecloth is mostly a solid color or a light design.

Jacquard cadré tablecloth

Jacquard cadré tablecloth

Our French jacquard tablecloths come in cadré designs in square and rectangular sizes.

Who knew the French took their tablecloths so seriously? For a culture known for elevating food to an art form and a multi-course event, it makes sense to extend the same level of care and thought to the table setting used for presenting its cuisine. A feast for the eyes!

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The March 2010 issue of Veranda magazine features a photo spread of an apartment in Paris–fabulous!

The apartment belongs to an American who designs showcases for Baccarat. It’s a traditional space on the Left Bank with old herringbone parquet floors and a to-die-for Juliet balcony overlooking a courtyard full of greenery. The interior is filled with French antique furniture and primitive art. The kitchen is small but accomodates a round table, covered with a striped tablecloth, and comfortable chairs. When people in France receive guests, they always offer a place at their table with ample food and drink. This apartment is no exception.