La Lavande French Soap

La Lavande Round Soap

Those of you who visited our store lately must have noticed how good it smells. This is due to the wonderful soaps from La Lavande. The La Lavande soaps are all natural, made with enriching vegetable oils (shea butter, sweet almond, olive & palm oil). They are moisturizing, beautifully scented with a luxurious lather, beneficial for all skin types (especially dry or sensitive skins), and come in various sizes, shapes and scents. Check out heart and egg shaped soaps, as well as round and bar shapes, in scents such as eglantine (wild rose), lavender (with flowers embedded in the soap, or plain), honey, ocean, lemongrass, linden, and verbena. They are hard milled, very long lasting and are made in Provence, France. The best part is the price: all are under $5! If you are in the neighborhood, stop by the store to see (and smell) for yourself. If you plan on placing an order with us online, why not add a bar or two? Enjoy a special treat for not much money.

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