Quimper Faience

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This month the spotlight is on the Northern town of Quimper. For example, did you know that the local cathedral of St Corentin took over six centuries to build?  Those of you who appreciate the beautiful Quimper pottery will undoubtedly enjoy reading this piece. The faiencerie of HB Henriot is mentioned by name.

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Quimper Faience

One of our favorite lines of products is the Quimper Faïence from HB-Henriot. Following a tradition of more than 300 years, the small company based in Britanny, France, still makes and paints every single piece by hand, one brush stroke at the time. While their work is rooted in tradition, the company has embraced new technologies for staying in touch with their customers. They just released their new 2010 catalog and put it online for everybody to see. As it is impossible for any retailer to have all their products in stock at all times (though we keep adding more on our website on a regular basis!), we can now bring you the entire catalog through the internet. View or download their catalog and let us know which pieces you are interested in and we can add them to our next monthly order. Follow the link and see for yourself: QUIMPER 2010 CATALOG