Bonne Fête des Mères!

We just received large shipments of tablecloths and kitchen towels from France, and are putting new items online every day!  These are all-new items that we haven’t had in stock before. Visitez I Dream of France and take a look at our selection to find just the thing for mom (or yourself).

As always, orders of $75 or more ship free! No coupon code required for the shipping special. (Alaska and Hawaii pay $10 extra.) Also, we now ship to Canada!

Below are some examples of great gifts for mamans…more info on our website!

New French Gift Ideas for Moms

Fifty Hour Candle Scented with Lavender Fragrance. (Fifty Hour means it burns for 50 hours.) Click the photo to view on our website.
Fifty Hour Scented Candles - Lavender

Dog Trots Globe to Paris & Provence – Hardcover Book. In this fun read — Chula, a 9-year-old Sheltie, shares her dog’s eye view of France. Click the photo to view on our website.
Dog Trots Globe to Paris & Provence - Hardcover Book

Le Cluny Cotton Coated Provence Tablecloth – Olives Yellow – Round/Rectangular. A new design from top-selling Le Cluny French Country Collection, this coated tablecloth will transport your table to Provence. Click the photo to view on our website.

Le Cluny Cotton Coated Provence Tablecloth Olives Yellow Round Rectangular

Beauville Ice Cream French Hand-Printed Tea Towel. Attention Dads: this is a perfect item for the kids to present to Mom! Click the photo to view on our website.
Beauville Ice Cream French Tea Towel

Victorian Gold Tone Bejeweled Charm Necklace. Click the photo to view on our website.
Victorian Gold Tone Charm Necklace

Handmade Glass and Metal Tray Decorated with Yellow Flowers. Click the photo to view on our website.

Handmade Large Glass Tray - Yellow Flowers

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Since 1690, the small northern town of Quimper, in Brittany, has been refining a unique style of pottery. In over 300 years not much has changed in the small manufacture. Computers have been restricted to the offices, stencils have never been used to create the decorations, and everything is still made in-house. What you do find in the manufacturing part of the company — H.B. Henriot — is a group of dedicated artists, working with a brush and a steady hand on each individual piece of pottery or faïence.

Here are a few of Quimper’s lines:

Fleuri Royal

This pattern, created in the 60’s, symbolizes Quimper’s brush stroke and demonstrates the HB-Henriot Faiencerie’s expertise. It uses different techniques which have been established for generations by HB-Henriot’s painters: the “sponging” and of course, the famous “à la touche” used to paint flowers.

This pattern has a unique personality: each piece is slightly different since the artist decorates and paints it according to his or her inspiration. The only required similarity between pieces is the floral garland on the outer edge.

Quimper Faience Fleuri Royal


With the Tradition pattern, all of the company’s know-how is expressed in this “French touch” decoration: a character, the “little Breton”, who changes color depending on the artist’s inspiration with flower garlands and the Henriot yellow border.

Quimper Faience - Tradition


Escale is a modern collection from Quimper Faience celebrating seaside living. Three sailboats are painted in very French tones of yellow and blue, with a golden yellow and blue painted border.

Quimper faience - Escale

Mistral Blue

In the Mistral Blue collection, the small Breton moves to new colors but remains true to the tradition of the first characters, created by the Henriot faiencerie in the 19th century.

Quimper Faience - Mistral Blue

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Eiffel tower pasta

Sapori Antichi is famous for making pastas from old family recipes. All of the pastas are made with the best durum wheat semolina, fresh ingredients and natural colors. This pasta is shaped as small Eiffel Towers! Impress your guests with a French themed pasta salad or simply enjoy some of the best pasta while dreaming of France!

Sapori Antichi Eiffel Tower Pasta

Lavender Scented Candle

Fill the room with the delicious scent of lavender with one of these beautiful scented candles from Homart. Burn time approximately 50 hours.

Homart Lavender Scented Candle