One of our most popular brands is Coucke Towels. Based in Northeastern France, Coucke has made fine kitchen and table linens since 1931, specializing in tea towels. Their patterns represent the products, richness, and art de vivre of France in constantly renewed designs, made in factories in France, Portugal, and Turkey. Decorative and functional, Coucke products will brighten up your kitchen every day. Their tea towels (featured in Elle Decor magazine) will care for your dishes and turn your kitchen into a place where it’s good to spend time and entertain friends.

Click any of the pictures below to view more information and purchase on I Dream of France.

Coucke Terry Square Towel – Coquelicots (Poppies)

Coucke Terry Square Towel - Coquelicots (Poppies)

Coucke Coquelicots (Poppies) French Dish Towel – Big Design

Coucke Coquelicots (Poppies) French Dish Towel - Big Design

Coucke Coquelicots (Poppies) French Dish Towel – Striped Design

Coucke Coquelicots (Poppies) French Dish Towel - Striped Design

Coucke Terry Square Towel – Delices – Cupcake, Marshmallow Bear, Macarons

Coucke Terry Square Towel - Delices

Coucke Fromages de Brebis (Sheep’s Milk Cheese) French Dish Towel – Striped Design

Coucke Fromages de Brebis French Dish Towel - Striped Design

All of a sudden, we hear people talking about macarons everywhere! Three different shelter magazines mentioned macarons in their September issues. Veranda and Elle Decor announced the opening of a Ladurée patisserie in New York City. Ladurée is a a Paris institution dating from 1862, famously making macarons and other pastries for many years. They are credited with inventing the macaron. Even their pastel boxes and shopping bags are collected by fans.

Laduree Macarons

Laduree Macarons

Better Homes and Gardens magazine lists websites where you can order macarons made by other companies in the United States.

But what is a macaron? It is a sweet confection made of two soft meringue-like cakes sandwiching a frosting filling. Macarons are made in many different flavors, such as strawberry, chocolate, caramel, and pistachio. They are slightly chewy but very light in texture A macaron is nothing like the coconut cookies called “macaroons,” but is like a distant Continental cousin to the American whoopie pie.

Laduree Strawberry Macarons Stacked

Laduree Strawberry Macarons Stacked

On the other hand…Jean-Michel and other residents of the Poitou region (about three hours southwest of Paris) claim to have the real macaron. Recipes dating to the 16th-century Medicis family describe a macaron as a one-piece confection made with ground almonds, sugar, eggs, and salt. If you visit Poitiers, be ready to try the “real” macarons!

Although we sell candies and cookies at I Dream of France, we do not currently offer macarons. We do, however, have beautiful kitchen towels decorated with macarons. Click any of the photos below to view them on our website.

Coucke Terry Square Kitchen Towel - Macarons

Coucke Terry Square Kitchen Towel - Macarons

Coucke Macarons Jacquard Dish Towel

Coucke Macarons Jacquard Dish Towel

Sweet Dreams!


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French Gifts for Your Valentine!

Visitez I Dream of France to order beautiful and useful gifts for others, or treats for yourself (we won’t tell). As always, orders of $75 or more ship free! No coupon code required. (Alaska and Hawaii pay $10 extra.) Also, we now ship to Canada!

Faience Jewelry from Brittany

From HB Henriot Quimper Faience, maker of popular collector tableware patterns such as Tradition and Fleuri Royale, this line of handmade jewelry featuring hearts, crosses, and original designs is hard to find in the United States, but we have it! Every piece comes with a gift box and a certificate of authenticity.

Quimper Faience Jewelry

Gifts for Foodies

We are so pleased to announce the debut of our French Foods line! We offer fruit candies from Provence, salted caramels from Brittany, and the perennially popular Herbes de Provence!
Our hand-painted Provençal spice mills (herb, salt, or pepper) are a topselling gift year-round, and now we have a new design with a heart for Valentine’s Day!

L'Ami Provencal Raspberry Old Fashioned Candy Le Petit Saunier Fleur de Sel CaramelsHerb Mill with Herbs, Salt or Pepper - Heart

Gifts for Hostesses

Cupcake or macaron? We vote for French macarons! Cast your vote with a terry kitchen towel from Coucke.

Coucke Terry Square Towel - Macarons

The three-bar box set of Gingembre (ginger and spices) scented soaps from Roger & Gallet Paris is so beautiful, you don’t need to wrap it!

Roger & Gallet Blue Ginger 3 Bar Box of Soap

Gifts for Nesters

Get cozy with a French flair! How about a Paris throw pillow, or fabulous reversible coated placemats?

Paris Postcard Pink Roses Ruffled Throw Pillow

Le Cluny Coated Reversible Placemat Lisa Red