Spring is nearly here! Time to renew, refresh, and set a beautiful table with a French tablecloth from I Dream of France. Whether you need a longer cloth to cover your table with its leaves in place, or a square or round cloth to fit a secondary table, we’ve got you (and your table) covered. Check out our extensive selection of coated, jacquard, and polyester French tablecloth designs.

Le Cluny Monaco Blue French Coated Tablecloth

This pattern with the lemons is now available in a 90-inch round size (no seam)!

Couleur Nature Lemon Tree Yellow/Blue Cotton Tablecloth


Make Cleanup Easier with Acrylic and Teflon

An acrylic-coated tablecloth wipes clean to welcome children at the table, yet is beautiful to please the adult eye. A teflon-coated cloth helps spills bead up before sinking into the cloth. Choose either to ease your workload and enjoy a lovely table.

Le Cluny Lisa Blue French Country Tablecloth


French-Designed Polyester Tablecloths

An easy-care, economical option to set your table, indoors or out.

Bouquet Yellow French provencal Round Tablecloth


Table-Setting Tips

For tips on how to set the table the way the French do, see our previous blog entry Setting the Table a la Francaise.

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All tablecloths are not created equal. One of the things that make the traditional Provencal round tablecloth so desirable is the “placé” design. Placé is a French word that means “placed”. Basically, on a placé tablecloth, the design is “placed” on the shape of the tablecloth instead of the tablecloth being cut from a length of regular printed fabric. What does all this mean? Well, just take a look at our example below showing two Lisa Blue tablecloths and you will get the idea immediately.  One of the problems in having a linear pattern fabric for a round tablecloth is how the lines appear distorted around the sides of the table. The beauty of the round placé, on the other hand, is that the design will adapt to any size table.

Placé vs Linear patterns

Placé vs Linear patterns

Placé is not only used for round tablecloths but it is definitely its biggest application. The difficulty with a rectangular placé is that if  the proportions between the length and the width of the table are not exactly right, the placé design will not look right.

Rectangular placés don't always fit right

Rectangular placés don't always fit right

Most of our printed tablecloths come in placé in the 68″ or 70″ round sizes. The small (60″) and the oversize (90″) rounds — usually available through special order — are linear designs (not placé).

Another term used along with placé is “cadré” (framed in English). A cadré design is similar to a placé as it follows the contour of the tablecloth, but instead of a design that reaches the center of the tablecloth, it only has a frame pattern around the circumference. The center of the tablecloth is mostly a solid color or a light design.

Jacquard cadré tablecloth

Jacquard cadré tablecloth

Our French jacquard tablecloths come in cadré designs in square and rectangular sizes.

Who knew the French took their tablecloths so seriously? For a culture known for elevating food to an art form and a multi-course event, it makes sense to extend the same level of care and thought to the table setting used for presenting its cuisine. A feast for the eyes!

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James McKinnon wrote a great little piece about us in Examiner.com

In the heart of Old Town Tustin you will find a quaint shopping and dining district. While the area still has some maturing to do before it becomes comparable to Orange Circle, you will find a gem at 150 E. Main Street. At this location you will discover a wonderful boutique, I Dream of France! This charming store provides customers with unique French gifts and items that will transport anyone to the French countryside and Paris.

I Dream of France - Tustin, CA

A few years ago, Jean-Michel Carlouet and his wife Brett opened up this store in order to cater to individuals wishing to buy authentic French products. Monsieur Carlouet comments that his store has a focus on products from Provence, a region in the Southeast of France, due to the similarities in climate between that area and southern California. Some of the store’s most popular items include authentic Provençal table cloths made of cotton but feature a plastic covering that greatly facilitate cleanup. Monsieur Carlouet remarks that this item proves especially popular in France. His shop also offers soaps made in Marseilles and Provence that come in a variety of fragrances such as lavender and orange. Marseilles soap is of exceptional quality and many French people prefer it to other kinds of soap. This store also has an inventory of dinnerware, cutlery, and other fine goods which will interest all who visit there.

When you visit this boutique, you will find that I Dream of France has something that will appeal to anyone trying to bring home a bit of France with them. During your visit to Orange County, you should make a trip to this marvelous boutique in Old Town Tustin. You will feel as though you have taken a journey to France. Nowhere else outside of France will you find such an array of French products and in such a beautiful setting. Be sure to wish Jean-Michel Carlouet a friendly “Bonjour” as you enter the store, it’s French courtesy

Thanks James!

Happy Memorial Day!

We’ve been unpacking new shipments all month, and are putting new items online every day! Visitez I Dream of France online or in our Tustin (Orange County), California, boutique and see what’s new.

We have new lower shipping rates. As always, orders of $75 or more ship free! No coupon code required for the shipping special. (Alaska and Hawaii pay $10 extra.) Also, we now ship to Canada!

Below are some examples of what’s new…more info on our website!

New French Kitchenware

Provence Handpainted Ceramic Stackable Pots. As a decorative piece, this is a showstopper — and it’s practical storage as well. We’ve been using these pots to style dining rooms for local home tours, and everyone’s eyes go straight to them.

Provence Handpainted Ceramic Stackable Pots with Olives Decor

Provencal Scenery Art Tile Trivet. Another stunning piece for kitchen or dining room, our art tile trivet makes a splendid gift (if you can bear to part with it!).

Provencal Scenery Art Tile Trivet - Terrace View

Couleur Nature Olive Tree Towel. We have added several new kitchen towel designs from Couleur Nature, all block-printed by hand and Provençal in style.

Couleur Nature Olive Tree Yellow Towel

New French Table Linens

Provencale Sunflower Green Cotton Tablecloth. Available in round or rectangular sizes.The printing on both the round and rectangular is what is referred to as “placé”, or centered in the middle of the cloth.

Provencale Sunflower Green Cotton Tablecloth

New French Decorative Hardware

Paris Antique Style Dressing Room Hook. Perfect grace note to add to your powder room.

Paris Antique Style Dressing Room Hook

New French Baby Accessories

The latest fashion accessory for babies: pewter pacifier keepers featuring a French fleur de lys! We also have rose and giraffe motifs available. These are made in the USA by a company in New Orleans. Too cute to pass up!

Baby Pacifier Holder with Fleur de Lys

New Sale Items

Summer is around the corner. Do you know a little girl who could use a new dress? Here’s a good buy: Alphabet Safari Girl’s Sun Dress, 33% off.

Alphabet Safari Girl's Sun Dress

I Dream of France Logo

Bonnes Fêtes des Mères!

We just received two large shipments from Provence, and are putting new items online every day! These are all-new items that we haven’t had in stock before. Visitez I Dream of France and take a look at our selection to find just the thing for mom (or yourself).

As always, orders of $75 or more ship free! No coupon code required for the shipping special. (Alaska and Hawaii pay $10 extra.) Also, we now ship to Canada!

Below are some examples of what’s new…more info on our website!

Pssst…I Dream of France will be an official sponsor of the Newport Beach Film Festival French Spotlight on Tuesday, May 3rd. If you will be attending, look for our French candy in your goodie bag!

New French Kitchenware

Coucke Mers & Oceans Dish Towel Soft cotton jacquard in red, grey, and blue with a marine compass.

Coucke Mers et Oceans Jacquard Towel


Provencal Painted Wood Hook Rack Organize towels or anything you need close by. Available in four designs.



Garlic Grinding Plate with Lavender Bouquet & Cicada  Back in stock are the ceramic garlic plates. Use the ceramic teeth to grind garlic or just set on the table as a decorative piece!


Provencal Oil & Vinegar Ceramic Bottle Set – Olives Red This beautifully handpainted set of ceramic oil & vinegar bottles will look gorgeous in your kitchen or on your dinner table.


Provence Waffle-Weave Kitchen Towels Gift Set Yellow/Blue We have added three sets of embroidered waffle-weave kitchen towels. Choose among yellow/blue, red/white, and brown/green.


Fresh Jewelry

Seahorse Gold Tone Necklace with Cream Charms Add sparkle and shine to your ensemble with our matte goldtone necklace with clear, opaline, and pearlescent beads, as well as multiple charms.



New Sale Items

You can please your gift recipient and watch the bottom line at the same time. Here’s a good buy: Coucke “Cigale” Damask Tablecloths, 20% off.

Coucke Damask Tablecloths - Cigale


A little dated, but I don’t think this piece by the Orange County Register ever made it on the blog:

“I Dream of France celebrated the grand opening of their new location with a ribbon-cutting on Thursday. Tustin City Councilman John Nielsen joined owners Jean-Michel and Brett Carlouet as they cut the red ribbon and greeted many well-wishers and customers. A small reception followed.

Among the shoppers were Linda Jennings of the Tustin Preservation Conservancy, Suzanne Crehan of Seven Gables Real Estate, Pete Beatty and Gretchen Wilbert and Bill Teter of the Tustin Historical Society.

I Dream of France, which features unique home décor and gift items from France, is located at 150 E. Main Street, in the Cox’s Market Plaza building, next to Miss Bobbie’s Low Carb Shoppe and Old Town Flooring.”

I Dream of france ribbon cutting ceremony

Tustin City Councilman John Nielsen, along with Pete Beatty of the Tustin Historical Society, assisted I Dream of France owners Jean Michel and Brett Carlouet with their ribbon cutting. PHOTO COURTESY OF MARGE REDMOND

People often ask us, “Do you actually use the things you sell at I Dream of France in your own home?” The answer is OUI! Here are all the things we use at home regularly:

Sunflower Yellow French Coated Tablecloth, from I Dream of France

Sunflower Yellow French Coated Tablecloth, from I Dream of France

On our breakfast table, we use a round coated Sunflower French Country tablecloth in the Yellow colorway. We painted our chairs yellow, green, blue, and red to make an even more colorful statement. (OK, not all the chairs have been painted yet, but that’s another story.)

Sunflowers on Black Accent Rug from I Dream of France

Sunflowers on Black Accent Rug from I Dream of France

We have more kitchen sunflowers in the form of this looped-pile accent rug in front of the sink.

Beauville Ocean Blue Tea Towel from I Dream of France

Beauville Ocean Blue Tea Towel from I Dream of France

Garnier-Thiebaut Aubergines (Eggplants) Tea Towel from I Dream of France

Garnier-Thiebaut Aubergines (Eggplants) Tea Towel from I Dream of France from I Dream of France

A busy kitchen needs many towels! We have several from Beauvillé and Garnier-Thiebaut.

Fleur de Lys Metal Double Hook 7" - White - from I Dream of France

Fleur de Lys Metal Double Hook 7″ – White – from I Dream of France

In our dressing area, a pair of Fleur de Lys double hooks (one on each side of a wall mirror) as valet hooks make the morning rush much easier! No more balancing hangers on the door mouldings.

Quimper Faience Jardin D'ete Christmas Ornament

When we were married, we received many pieces of HB Henriot Quimper Faience in the Jardin d’Ete pattern, including a Christmas ornament.

This is just part one…we will update with more next time!