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Quimper Faience Jewelry Marie Sevres Blue Necklace

This three-piece pendant is painted in rich cobalt blue and ivory pearl. The color is called “Sevres Blue” after the Sevres River that runs through the city of Quimper. The design is called “Marie” for the artist who designs the jewelry for HB Henriot. The pendant measures 4.5 inches long and hangs from a black silken cord. The cord has a 20-inch drop; depending on how you tie it around your neck it can be worn dramatically low or close to your neck. It arrives to you in a cushioned collector’s gift box with a certificate of authenticity.

Quimper Faience Jewelry Marie Sevres Blue Necklace

Quimper Faience Jewelry Marie Sevres Blue Necklace

Le Cluny Jacquard Tablecloths – Lemon Rust

Le Cluny table linens capture the color and spirit of Provençal living. This tablecloth is yarn-dyed and damask-woven for beauty and durability. Versatile 61″ square size fits a square or round table seating four people, or 61×98″ rectangular fits a table seating 6 to 8 people.

Le Cluny Jacquard Tablecloths - Lemon Rust

Le Cluny Jacquard Tablecloths - Lemon Rust

Roger & Gallet Lavande Royale Fresh Fragrant Water

Lavande Royale (Royal Lavender) fresh fragrant water fragrance spray from Roger & Gallet Paris transports you to the undulating lavender fields of Provence. Rediscover the emotion of a fresh aromatic scent rich in memories. Contains notes of mandarin, lavender, geranium, cedar wood, and vanilla. A happy and feminine scent.

Roger & Gallet Lavande Royale Fresh Fragrant Water 3.3 oz Spray

Roger & Gallet Lavande Royale Fresh Fragrant Water 3.3 oz Spray

Provencal Scenery Art Tile Trivet

This breathtaking trivet depicts the Mediterranean sea from the vantage point of a flagstone terrace on the Riviera. Potted red geraniums, turquoise water, and palm, eucalyptus, and cypress trees fill the landscape. The trivet is made of a ceramic art tile mounted on a sturdy yet elegant wrought iron base with scrollwork on the sides. The painting on the tile has raised edges and uses vivid, saturated colors and a shiny glaze. This piece will undoubtedly be the centerpiece of your table, or a treasured gift for someone special. Be prepared for oohs and aahs!

Provencal Scenery Art Tile Trivet - Terrace View

Provencal Scenery Art Tile Trivet - Terrace View

A bientôt!

French Dinner table

Receiving guests around a dinner table is a a very important part of French culture. Having guests over for a religious occasion, anniversary or other important date requires flawless planning and execution. Every person sitting at the table will become a judge of the affair and any faux pas will necessarily become a subject of gossip for years to come.  This may seem a bit exaggerated (and it is) but I do remember my mom really stressing trying to prepare Easter or Christmas dinners for a dozen family guests. So here are a few dos and don’ts for successfully setting a French table:

Silverware: They should be organized in the order in which they will be used from the outside to the inside.

Forks: Left of the plate, facing down.

Knives: Right of the plate, the cutting side of the blade facing toward the plate.

Dessert spoon and cheese knife: Over the plate with the handle to the right. Spoon faces down and the cutting side of the knife toward the plate.

Glasses: From left to right, from larger to smaller. In order: water then red, then white.

The plates: Positioned one to two centimeters (3/8″ to 3/4″) from the edge of the table. Never use more than three stacked plates. After the main course, the dinner plate (and presentation plate) are removed and replaced with the cheese plate and then the dessert plate.

Presentation plate: Optional, it is there to help present the other plates. It is removed when the cheese is served in its own plate.

Dinner plate: Used for the main course.

Soup bowl: Called a deep plate (assiette creuse) in France, its shape is in between a plate and a bowl.

Bread plate: Optional, the small plate is positioned above and left of the main plates.

French table place setting

French table place setting

Tablecloth and napkins:

Napkins can be folded in many ways: in a glass, in a plate,  in a napkin ring, as a square, in the shape of a flower, use your imagination! The Napkin Folding Guide has 27 ideas to get you started.

Tablecloth folds: If you are using a round tablecloth, all folds should be ironed out. If you are using a rectangular tablecloth, you can leave a fold lengthwise, but the crosswise folds must be ironed out. If you have table extensions, you can use several tablecloths to cover the whole length — or just visit our website or call us and order the correct size!

Decorations: Your table should be quite full when the food is served, so you do not need much to decorate. Avoid flower bouquets that are too large as they will block the view between guests. Try two or more smaller, short arrangements of cut flowers instead of one large arrangement that people will strain to see over. If one of your guests brings you a large bouquet, thank them, but don’t feel obligated to add it to the dining table if it’s too big or carries a strong fragrance. Placing their gift on a side table, coffee table, or bar top will show your appreciation just as well.

Do not use scented candles during a meal — instead, try our perforated taper candles, which will burn longer without making a mess.

Make sure to put enough salt shakers and pepper grinders (try our salt, pepper and herbes de Provence ceramic mills), trivets, and water carafes.

To avoid making too many trips to the kitchen, have a place nearby where you can keep your serving utensils. A buffet table or sideboard is designed just for this purpose, but if you don’t have one, a small table or a tray will do just fine.

Now it is time to get everybody seated and enjoy a delicious French meal!

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All tablecloths are not created equal. One of the things that make the traditional Provencal round tablecloth so desirable is the “placé” design. Placé is a French word that means “placed”. Basically, on a placé tablecloth, the design is “placed” on the shape of the tablecloth instead of the tablecloth being cut from a length of regular printed fabric. What does all this mean? Well, just take a look at our example below showing two Lisa Blue tablecloths and you will get the idea immediately.  One of the problems in having a linear pattern fabric for a round tablecloth is how the lines appear distorted around the sides of the table. The beauty of the round placé, on the other hand, is that the design will adapt to any size table.

Placé vs Linear patterns

Placé vs Linear patterns

Placé is not only used for round tablecloths but it is definitely its biggest application. The difficulty with a rectangular placé is that if  the proportions between the length and the width of the table are not exactly right, the placé design will not look right.

Rectangular placés don't always fit right

Rectangular placés don't always fit right

Most of our printed tablecloths come in placé in the 68″ or 70″ round sizes. The small (60″) and the oversize (90″) rounds — usually available through special order — are linear designs (not placé).

Another term used along with placé is “cadré” (framed in English). A cadré design is similar to a placé as it follows the contour of the tablecloth, but instead of a design that reaches the center of the tablecloth, it only has a frame pattern around the circumference. The center of the tablecloth is mostly a solid color or a light design.

Jacquard cadré tablecloth

Jacquard cadré tablecloth

Our French jacquard tablecloths come in cadré designs in square and rectangular sizes.

Who knew the French took their tablecloths so seriously? For a culture known for elevating food to an art form and a multi-course event, it makes sense to extend the same level of care and thought to the table setting used for presenting its cuisine. A feast for the eyes!

For more information, browse our table linen section, visit our FAQ section, or contact us!


New Kitchen Towels from Beauvillé

Our new St. Paul design is Provence on a towel! It has all the elements of Provençal life: olives, lavender flowers and sachets, savon de Marseille, cicadas, olive oil and more. Beauvillé towels are printed on a linen-cotton blend for beauty and durability.

Beauville St Paul Provence Tea Towel

New Table Linens and Towels from Couleur Nature

We just got in fresh stock of beautiful hand-blockprinted linens from Couleur Nature — round and rectangular tablecloths, napkins, runners, and kitchen towels.

Below are photos of the Fig and Lemon Tree designs.

Couleur Nature Fig Linens

Couleur Nature Lemon Tree Tablecloth

Spring is Around the Corner (Really)…

…and it’s not too early to think about outdoor table settings. Many of our popular coated tablecloth patterns are also available with umbrella holes and as coated chair pads to set a beautiful table outdoors. These options take up to 8 weeks to deliver, so if you are considering a new look for Easter, Passover, Memorial Day, or graduation time, take a look at our Provençal designs.

Below are photos of the Sunflower Red tablecloth and Lisa Blue French style chair pad, both from Le Cluny French Country Collection.

Le Cluny Sunflower Red Tablecloth with Umbrella Hole

Le Cluny French Chair Pad in Lisa Blue

Taste of Orange County Blog Review

And now to toot our own horn a bit…the Food Blogger from Orange Coast Magazine, Priscilla Mayfield, visited our Tustin boutique last week and gave us this lovely write-up. Check it out!

I Dream of France in Tustin, and also everywhere else

Placemat Display at I Dream of France by Emet Martinez

Placemat Display at I Dream of France by Emet Martinez


Toile de jouy table linens are some of our bestsellers, but did you know the history of toile? According to Wikipedia, toile became an English word in the year 1561. In French, “toile” is a much older word meaning fabric. The famous toile de jouy style of fabric, depicting country scenes in one color on a white or off-white background, was created during the 18th century and is attributed to the town of Jouy-en-Josas (hence the name) near Versailles and just southwest of Paris. Toile decorating fabric has been in fashion ever since — a classic that never goes out of style!

Here are some toile de jouy table linens available for sale from I Dream of France!